Going For ROAK


Let us introduce ourselves…

Well hello there…

We are OAK&ROMA, also know as ROAK, an artists collaborative, made up of San Francisco based siblings, Oak, and well duh, Roma.  We spend our time consumed by projects in a variety of mediums, and love to celebrate the works of other up and coming artists, who might sometimes slip through the radar. So, we figured we’d do what we love most, and continue to produce works for fun, while collaborating with the artists that melt our hearts. Swooooooon.

Life is dreamy, and we’d like to share it with you.

In preparation for the launch of our website and store, OAKANDROMA.com, we figured we’d give you a little appetizer with the collaborations we’ve recently been working on, as well as some insight to our journey of enjoying the sweet, though sometimes awkward, moments in life.

Hope you enjoy!


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