Teen Angst & The County Fair

We miss the days of sun kissed freckles, prom corsages, late night belly flops, and after school make-out sessions.

And our nostalgia really seemed to influence our last thrift shopping spree, full of cut off shorts, denim vests, worn flannels, sporty crop tops, and virginal floral prints. So we were filled with glee when we heard the County Fair was coming to our hometown!

We grabbed our cameras and some locals and skipped our way over to the fair (yes, skipped, like in the high school interlinking of arms kind of way — it was appropriate). And we absolutely had to eat a corn dog while we were there… don’t judge us. The shoot turned into everything we loved about our teens and the summers we spent without any responsibilities or care. No acne, no homework, and no SAT scores, just the golden moments of youth and free spirit.

You can find all of these items in the OAK&ROMA store, and live out your teen dream, this Fall!


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