Svelt St. Plaid Shoot

Our latest project with Svelt St. for Plaid Mag!

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We got together with Svelt St., Elsa Kawai, and Plaid Mag on their latest exclusive interview, and we have to say, we had way more fun working on the job than we could have ever imagined. It was a one day shoot filled of inappropriate jokes, hiking into creeks, planning boat creations in swamps, drinking simpler times and finding out we do in fact like wine (but only pinot noir), eating organic nuts and nori, playing with rogue dogs, aimlessly roaming wine vineyards, soaking our boots in mud, building playful forts, and getting lost on roads with signs that read “no turning back now.” There was even some cuddling and a little crying at one point too. It was awesome.

While we were super busy on set, making sure that somewhere along the fun we would actually get some tasteful shots done, we managed to scrounge up some footage and put together a little video for the band as well. Svelt St. is comprised of what has got to be the worlds coolest married couple to have ever existed, and while they are all about fun and games, they are also incredibly intelligent and hard working individuals as well. And, well, their music doesn’t suck either! (Actually their music is power jammed full of high energy and amazing beats, full of swaaaag). Svelt St. is the marital duo of writer/stylist/model Feelmore and shoe designer/collector/musical genius Bang! Cheeto. We had an awesome opportunity to design a set within their studio located in the gorgeous Mendocino County vineyards. The warm weather and beautiful nature around us was so inspiring that we found ourselves truly motivated to create another wonderful collaboration with impressive and welcoming artists who we love and hold a deep respect for.

Also, check out our store opening later this season, and be the lucky shopper to wear Nikko’s ridiculously swagged out zebra suspenders featured in this very shoot!

Download music from Svelt St. and get yo party on here:

Learn about the artists, their music, and get all the latest news directly from the source here:

Visit Art Director, Elsa Kawai’s site and check out her inspiring photography, interesting videos, and creative metal designs here:



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