Featured Artist: Alex Suelto

Alex Suelto gave us a lovely visit in the woods, and with him he brought what seemed could be almost his entire portfolio. That’s one of the reasons we love him so much, his passion for his art seems to be a continuous heartbeat. And because of this devotion he is always pushing out new works or getting ready for a new showing. I’ve personally known Alex for years, and although we were never really communicating often, for as long as I could remember, I’d always hear about him steadily working on new pieces and see his name printed on a variety of gallery showings. Just speaking with Alex during the interview, it was obvious putting down the paintbrush was never an option for him. He’s got a large portfolio full of an amazing variety of works that has collected over the years, because he’s never lost that simple childhood feeling of loving to doodle and then coloring it in. At the pace he’s going, he could seriously be a one man factory.

Before we got started, I took Alex and his girlfriend to Sol Food in San Rafael, and that’s when we realized it was going to be a rainy day of shooting after all… but two deliciously meaty sandwiches later, and still sprinkling outside, Alex and his girl were troopers and hiked up a large hill with me to get to a bunker where he could paint. Walking up, I learned two new things about Alex: One, that he has allergies. And two, he also has a strange affixation to standing over cliff ledges.

Through out the day, Alex kept up an amazing energy I’m secretly envious of, and an overall sense of good heartedness – even with his punky facial expressions. He blew our minds with his collection of watercolors, and even doodled a bit for us in his notebook. Although it seems he masterfully paints with watercolor, and has some kind of divine relationship of intuition with paint and liquids, he is very experimental with all kinds of mediums too, as he’s worked on materials such as wood, metals, fabrics, and has had a lot of experience collaborating on murals and exterior landscapes. I also learned that Alex is always eager to collaborate with people, and he’s just as eager to participate in gallery showings, an openness to art and kinship that we love about him. He does what he can to help promote art, to promote beautiful things and beautiful expressions to the public, and that’s what makes him so likeable. He has recently decided to attend university to further his artistic endeavors and help refine his self-promotion. He is also currently working on a few large murals and getting really into wood burning, which you should definitely keep an eye out for. We wish him the best of luck and can’t wait to see the finished result of all the thousands of projects he’s probably working on right now. Stay busy holmes!

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Also, make sure to check back this fall, as we will be collaborating with Alex on a very special installation!







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