Featured Artist: Janina Angel Bath

We had a beautiful day full of hiking through gorgeous landscapes with Janina Angel Bath, a multi-instrumentalist and vocal artist, who also takes interests in visual art forms, movement and dance, as well as vintage thrifting. Originally from Chicago, she now resides in the Bay Area, and is part of a close knit musical community that holds many artists in the psychedelic folk genre. She is notable for playing the Native American flute, the bansuri, as well as the tambora which is the four string drone instrument (and is also the rather amazingly large instrument she holds in the video, i mean, its almost the size of her entire body!),  and has also studied North Indian classical music, known as Raga.


At first glance, Janina has a very gentle poise. She is tall and thin, and naturally pretty, but she has this beautiful spiritual aura that really shines through in her slow flowing gestures and the way the wind wraps her long hair around her body. What first attracted us to Janina was the amazing sense of vintage style she has, that seems to be so well suited on her. One of the first times we met her, we couldn’t stop gushing over this beautiful long kimono and fringe boots she was wearing on stage. We wanted to crawl and hide under it like a giant tree, forever. Janina has the total psychedelic 60’s era painted all over her, but she’s also got the friendly, free love personality to match with it.

In her music, Janina feeds off of the nature around her and the way we are all connected to the universe itself. Nature and her study of North Indian classical music are realms she considers inspiration, because of their deep routes in organic cycles and earth’s rhythm. She strives to deliver new experiences and healing powers through the sounds she creates for her audience. She also believes visual mediums to be a huge influence and motivation for her music, and indulges herself in any form of video, performance dance, and costuming to create ties to her songs as well as the audience’s experience while she is performing.

What is so special about Janina is the way she uses her music to help others. She uses her music as a healing device for her audience, a spiritual remedy to soothe your soul. She hopes that, with her music, people can find some sort of sanctuary and moment of ethereal peace.

Janina is currently working on her second album, which will be part of a trilogy, following her first released album titled “Gypsy Woman” (OMG, Roma’s nickname – we immediately love it!). This idea stemmed from her noticing that while working on her first album, she had been creating sister songs to the projects she was initially working on. She says that all of these albums will be interrelated and all of the songs are interdependent with one another. We are really excited to hear the next album, which we will probably play after a hard days work, during something like relaxing in a natural hot spring, while an intensely gorgeous spiritual being in a headdress hand feeds us delicious organic kale chips (okay fine, we’ll settle without that last bit). You should also know that Janina is an amazing live performer, and all of the girls who usually play with her band are adorably-to-die-for-cute, so you should really make an effort to see one of her shows!

View more photos from our day with Janina here, on our flickr!


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