Featured Artist: John Jansen

John Jansen explains his process and philosophies of creating visual art.

Working mostly with mediums of photography, video, and audio, Jansen’s work is experimental and expressive. Well recognized for his process of painting with light, as well as his “night hoops” series, Jansen seems to have a natural ability to create an unusual moment, a striking visual/audio pairing, out of the ordinary.

We have always considered Jansen a peer, an important figure that has taught us a great deal of what we know today about visual stimuli and creating an entire world for the viewer in one glance. He carries this mysterious persona, a man who is more involved in doing, in capturing a moment or entire world in a split second, rather than wasting time talking about what will be accomplished. He has this inspiring infatuation with light, and a unique approach towards layering textures, as well as sound, as a pairing with his visuals, to develop an experience filled with emotion and sense of longing for his audience.

Jansen is everything you expect from an experimental artist, but you never know what to expect from his art. He is always evolving, finding new approaches to common themes or humdrum objects of subject matter, and can often get lost in his work, so involved in the method and occurrence, to a point where we might think he will not come back with any final product. And yet, he will surprise us when we least expect it, with an extraordinary piece, unmatched by any kind of trend at the time being. It seems Jansen has always been one step ahead of a defining moment for the current art world, and yet he is a quiet figure, a modest innovator, who is rarely seen or constantly creating press. And he does a very clean job of keeping things this way. It’s extremely hard to get a hold of any past works of Jansen’s. Maybe because he is always evolving, he doesn’t have any type of promotional ventures out there to get a hold of what he has done or is working on. He lets his work speak for itself, and continues his entire philosophy of creating unique moments even in the displaying of his work. When you are in fact able to come across any of the work he is showing at that time, or an installation piece is available for viewing, you get a real sense of being apart of a very special moment. It is exclusive, but not in a vainglorious type of way. It’s more of a feeling of involvement in an instance, that will hold a nostalgia in the future, just as personal experiences and memories work themselves into our everyday lives.

Previous works that we have had the pleasure of being apart of were some such as his series “Night Hoops,” a photographic installation that recorded his journeys alone and obsession with abandoned basketball hoops and the way light fed off of it’s lingering energy. Along with this, Jansen went through a phase of painting with light in the form of video and long exposure photography, with which he scored an audio interpretation of the movement and energy light forms and reflects. He is also known to develop fascinations with individuals of whom he will spend a great deal of his time studying and documenting, to dissect the infrastructure of their existence and essence. We are always awaiting Jansen’s next move, and are actually currently in the process of collaboration, so hopefully in the future you will get to be apart of one of our rare incredible moments with this remarkable artist!

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