Kono Yariman! OAK&ROMA in NY

Sooooo, OAK&ROMA decided to take a much needed family style vacation. We made the poor choice of picking NY to be printed on our plane tickets. We had way too much naughty fun.

Thanks to our dear friend and photographer, Clay Gardner, we got absolutely no work done, grew a beer gut, made numerous frenemies, learned how to give a proper blow job, attained the attitudes and standards of a high powered industry rep, and criticized as much mediocre art as possible. This all resulted in alcoholism, general depression, and getting hit by a car with a $250 pay out, which we spent on more booze to anguish the pain. By the end of the trip, we really felt we had become New Yorkers – Oak was giving directions left and right, and Roma learned to like bagels un-toasted. No one was safe.

Originally, we were thinking about having Clay as one of our Featured Artists, but to be quite honest, there’s too much personality to record on tape. It’s really for your better interest. Instead, we’ve included this really awkward video of him having an extremely¬† difficult time opening a paper package.

In any case, Clay Gardner is an amazing photographer from the Bay Area. Studied at Hobart, worked with tattoo artist Grime on his book Iron Will, and now currently resides in New York working with Milk Gallery. He’s really a great person, as long as you dont get to know him too well. Thanks Clay!

Get an eye sore with Clay’s photography here:


Check out his latest show with Milk Gallery Underground here:

milk underground presents…

Peep the book he worked on with Grime here:


If we’ve still got your attention this far, you might as well check out the guys at Skull & Sword:



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