Featured Artist: Robert Garcia

It’s early Sunday morning, and we’re completely exhausted from a jam packed week of projects and personal work, squinting out of one eye and vigorously gulping our coffees, while we’re on our way to meet Robert Garcia at his home by Ocean Beach. We let out a giant sigh of relief, when Rob’s amazing other half, Arika, greeted us at the door with good morning rum and cokes, and the tiniest dog we’ve ever come across. What we love about Robert & Arika: They know how to work hard all week, play all weekend, and relax all Sunday. Their home set up seemed adorably quaint, and while they live with family, there seemed to be a real vibe of closeness and comfort in their home. They also had a really rad wall in a hallway that is composed of handfuls of disposable camera snapshots of people who had visited their home for the first time, half of the photos being hand me downs from their previous friend who had lived in the building. They have a great sense of combining creativity with an overall fun attitude.

We first met Robert Garcia in New York, randomly staying at a mutual friends house while on visit, and immediately bonded over our bay area residencies (doesn’t this always happen when you’re out of town though?). At the time, he was on a school trip, as well as meeting with buyers who were interested in his pieces, and seeking out galleries to promote his work. I remember he handed me his business card before I left back for home, and the graphic design somehow just stuck in my thoughts, so we checked out his work once back in the bay, and instantly fell in love with his style. We couldn’t believe we had discovered such a hometown treasure while we were having an amazing time with him on the other side of the country!

We spent the rest of our relaxing Sunday catching up, shooting his studio space, and laughing (in the accidental snort kind of way) at Arika’s jokes, while downing the rum and cokes like it was fuel for humans. We got to hear a lot of interesting stories about how the two met, what growing up in a small community was like, and how they are dealing with raising their kids right now, while still making time to live out their young adult lives. Robert had grown up in a creative environment, but kept it up as an outlet for expression while being raised in a lower class Hispanic community, known for its Chicano pride. His inspiration stemmed from the drawings on letters his uncle would send him from prison, and the graffiti painted on the walls of his neighborhood. He has this amazing passion for his art, a real determination to learn, explore, and produce, that has made him excel through art school and has gotten him some important buyers and showings in the past. Now graduating, Robert is embarking on a whole new adventure of using the impressive skills he’s acquired over the years to really share his work and ignite the inspiration in the public.

One of my favorite philosophies that Robert uses in his process of work, is that his tools and his canvas is a time for reflection. His entire method is a kind of meditation for him to explore his past, and reveal memories and nostalgia that he might not have been fully aware of in his present. We love how therapeutic his whole process is, it’s this unfolding, piece by piece, of all of his ties in his existence, that redirects and creates the pieces he ends up with. He also has an incredible eye for color palettes, textures, and patterns – all remarkably complimentary to one another. And his subject matter is always personal – each work is a piece of Robert that he is sharing with his viewers. It makes us feel close to him and we want to continue finding out more. Rob’s work has a fascinating voice. It’s bold, it’s unique, and it’s intimate.

Check out Robert’s website here to see more of his amazing work:

“We Are Who We Are”
Oil On Wood Panel







“Assembly Line”
Oil On Wood Panel








Oil On Wood Panel


2 responses to “Featured Artist: Robert Garcia”

  1. Caroline says:

    Hey I just stumbled across Robert’s art and I love it! His website is “private” though. Do you have a way I can contact him or a gallery that reps him?

  2. Robert Garcia says:

    Hello, Caroline. This is a late response, but I just saw the message while trying to find a link to this video. I am the artist. Heres my email if you have any questions. design@robertgarcia.co

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